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is Your Destination for Stamped Concrete, Concrete Staining, and Other Coating Products

At FN Decorative Concrete, we carry a wide variety of roof accents, decorative concrete, and other staining products for your renovation or construction project needs. As a local, family owned business, we are proud to help the residents in our community make their project ideas a reality by using our supplies. If you’re in the market for high-performance and low-cost coating and staining supplies, then we have just what you’re looking for, plus more!

If you’ve ever been personally inspired by the beautiful texture and glossy appearance of walls, walkways, and patios of a home or business, then you’ve taken notice of decorative concrete finishes.

That permanent wet-look overlay is not there by chance; someone decided that they wanted a concrete sealer to create that very look. The same can be said about roofs with a coating that extends the longevity of its look and quality. While there are numerous methods to stamp, seat, stain, color, and coat concrete, the products you utilize can make all the difference. With the right supplies, you have the ability to create a unique or classic finish that guests will surely notice. As a decorative concrete supplier, we like to advocate that there are no limits to the concrete finish you can achieve.

Our Affordable Prices Beat Most Competitors in El Paso

If you’re a homeowner needing advice or assistance in choosing a style, color, or brand, we can help you make those and other important decisions for a successful project. Our experience and knowledge in concrete allow us to help you find the best fit based on the image you’re aiming to achieve for your home or business. We also specialize in finding the supplies that will help you achieve long-lasting results to be enjoyed for years to come.

Our prices truly set us apart from other decorative concrete suppliers in the El Paso area. At FN Decorative Concrete, we carry decorative concrete and roof coating products from both the US and Mexico.

This gives us the advantage of sourcing alternative supplies and allows us to provide you with an even greater variety when it comes to selecting a finish or coat. Compared to other decorative concrete suppliers such as big corporate home improvement stores, we stock low-cost items that will help you stay well under-budget.