The Wonders and Possibilities of Stamped Concrete 

Create beautiful cobblestone paths, glowing pool decks, sleek patios, and walkways with a simple ingredient and a wonderful technique. For a homeowner who wants to enhance their patio, decks, backyards, and landscaping, the world of concrete has a lot to offer. The artistic possibilities available with concrete are truly endless and people have used it in a variety of different ways. Here at FN Decorative Concrete, we work with concrete every day and know just how versatile it is as a design element.  Not so long ago, stamped concrete was still seen with a little bit of a question mark but due to recent improvements in texturizing and pigments that have allowed homeowners to have more easy access to it and use it in their home’s exterior. 

Stamped Concrete — Using Concrete for Exterior Design

You may have heard about it. It’s certainly increased in popularity in the last decade or so when concrete has seen its resurgence into a homeowner’s favorite. It’s a type of concrete that involves pouring slab concrete for a variety of home projects including driveways, walkways, patios, and more. The process then involves stamping designs and patterns onto the concrete itself before it dries.  The concrete must then cure for a couple of days before it can withstand any traffic. After that, the surface is a smooth finish with beautiful patterns that adds personality and style to any exterior. 

Duplicating Surfaces For a Unique Style

One of the reasons why homeowner’s love using stamped concrete for their pool decks, patios, or walkways, is the ability to imprint certain patterns that duplicate other materials. For example, if you’re looking for cobblestones, brick, pavers, wood, or even seashells, as a surface material, you can duplicate that with the concrete itself.

You might be asking yourself: well, why would I use concrete instead of cobblestones? This is a great question. There are a couple of reasons why stamped concrete might be a better choice. Some of these include:

  • Longevity. A cobblestone path in your backyard means that the path is constructed of many stand-alone pieces. This means that the surface is more susceptible to damage, frost heave, or other changes in the surface. With stamped concrete, the pattern will last a lot longer and will not be susceptible to that kind of damage that will create a broken patch. 
  • No growing weeds. Materials such as cobblestones or bricks might allow for weeds, flowers to sneak through the cracks and grow through. Because there are no cracks in the stamped concrete, this means you don’t have to worry about that. 
  • Aesthetic beauty and consistency. One good way to ensure a consistent and beautiful look is through a stamped concrete design that catches the eye. At first glance, many people will not even notice that it is not the surface it is trying to replicate. That’s because the texturing and improvements in the patterns have improved so much that the concrete takes on a very unique and original look. 

Easy Installation — No Need for Major Construction and Headaches 

Another loved aspect of stamped concrete is the fact that it has relatively simple installation. With the right expert, the installation of this beautiful concrete does not have to mean bringing in a whole construction crew into your backyard. The process is basically mixing, pouring, and stamping. 

The trick is making sure that your concrete installation is being done by a profession. The real trick is in the understanding of the concrete itself, as well as the stamping techniques. The key factor is the method to which your concrete is being poured. This means making sure the concrete contains the right amount of water versus cement powder in order to avoid the mix being too dry or have too much water. 

The Colors — Finding the Right Shade for Your New Exterior Space

When adding exterior designs and installing new materials, most homeowners want to create consistency and cohesion with the colors and shades of their homes. Stamped concrete offers many color options and designs. There are different ways to create color on concrete. These include integral coloring, dry-shake color hardeners, and surface-applied color. They each have their slightly different result and some can be used together to create truer textures and help better resemble the surface they are trying to mimic. 

Other Benefits of Stamped Concrete 

People that want to transform their backyards and create gorgeous designs and stylistic exteriors, can count on concrete to deliver. Other benefits include: 

  • Is more affordable than natural stone, brick, or pavers
  • Adds to your home value 
  • slip-resistant when treated with the right additives
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy maintenance and installation 
  • Offers endless patterns and color choices

Get Beauty, Simplicity, and Longevity with Stamped Concrete from FN Decorative

Regardless of the kind of design you are looking for, FN Decorative can help you find the best approach to your outdoor space. With years of experience, we have done entire outdoor kitchens, pool decks, patios, walkways, paths, firepits, and sitting areas, all with eye-catching designs.

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