The Fascinating Origins of Cantera Stone

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Living in the Southwest, we’ve all seen cantera stone at some point, whether we realize it or not. One prime example of cantera is the intricate columns we see in commercial buildings such as shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels. The stone also has a residential appeal. Homeowners who wish to create a beautiful and timeless design, whether it be for kitchen islands, fireplaces, accent walls, or the outdoor pool area, choose cantera stone.

As a cantera supplier in El Paso, FN Decorative Concrete loves to boast about the many possibilities home and business owners have when it comes to working with this ancient stone. We also enjoy being able to educate our customers on the unique history of the materials we supply. Behind the aesthetic appeal of cantera stone, there’s a story as to how it arrived here and what makes it so special. So if you’re in for a journey to Mexico and Central America, follow along!

Traveling South — Where Cantera Stone Originates

In Spanish, the word cantera translates to quarry, since the stone stems from the volcanic rock found in Mexico and Central America, where it is mined. To create the stone, the rock is formed from volcanic ash and dust. First, the ash is washed to form a sand and clay-like formation then it is combined with lava, dirt, and the stone that’s already on the ground. The result is an absorbent and lightweight stone with color-flecks depending on where it came from. One interesting aspect of cantera stone’s color is that it varies based on the impurities present in the region.

How Cantera Was Popularized in the United States

For centuries, cantera has been used in many of the buildings, cathedrals, and haciendas found throughout Latin America. As American travelers gained interest and insight into the charm of the stone, the demand and supply quickly grew. Most southern and western regions in the U.S. such as California, Arizona, Texas, and Nevada were especially keen on incorporating the stone into homes, commercial buildings, and other public spaces like city centers, parks, and museums. The proximity of Mexico and borderlands allow for cantera suppliers such as FN Decorative to have ample supply of the sought-after stone.   

Learn How to Incorporate Cantera in Your Next Project

Now knowing the history of cantera stone, we hope you’ll be inspired to use this timeliness stone on your next project. Cantera is versatile and provides a picturesque backdrop to many public and private spaces. We welcome you to come visit us for ideas, estimates, and samples. As your local and friendly cantera supplier in El Paso, we look forward to sharing more ideas and insight!   

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