Stone Veneer vs. Brick Veneer: Which Building Accent is for You?

The use of interior and exterior veneers dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians used veneers in the lining of the furniture; they considered veneering as an art. To this day, veneering is still heavily practiced and installed within people’s homes. The art of veneering gives houses the gift of taste and expertise. It’s safe to say that everyone dreams of what their ideal home would look like, and more specifically, the kinds of decoration it would have. Veneering is a simple, but perfect touch to add to both the inside and out of your home. There are two kinds of material used in veneering installation: stone and brick. Now you’re probably wondering which one of the two would be the best for your home decor. Let’s go over what each has to offer.

Stone Veneering

Stone material is commonly used out necessity, but it has grown to be an aesthetic building preference for many. Stone veneer is flexible to work with. It can be used as a small backsplash in your kitchen, an over and underhead for your fireplace, or even as panels for the lining of your home. No matter where this type of veneer is placed, it is always guaranteed to complement the overall look of the building you are working on. 

Stone veneer is not only an aesthetic choice, but it is also durable and sustainable. Stone veneering is made out of man-made stones consisting of pumice, Portland cement, and other lightweight aggregates and pigments. This grants stone veneer with a 100% authentic look, especially without the burden of being a heavy-weighing material.

Brick Veneering

Brick veneer is different from stone veneering in regards to the material that comprises it. Brick veneer is made out of kiln-fired clay, which is the same material used in traditional brick. Although, brick veneering is similar to stone veneering in the fact that it does not demand too much time and is rather efficient in being installed. 

When things come to you in the shape you need it, it makes the job that much easier. Brick veneers are supplied in sheets that are cut to specific sizes and are applied to the interior or exterior of a home. Brickwork is also heavily known for being a sturdy and dependable choice in the foundation of buildings and fighting against stubborn weather. Brick is great for supplying you with the look and safety you desire.

Your Ideal Veneering Supplier 

The comfort of your home is dictated by the material that makes it up. Veneering, while it may be a simple method of decor, can create a world of difference in how you view your home. Here at FN Decorative Concrete, we can provide you with a variety of installations. Call us today to learn more about the services we can provide!

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