Infuse Your Floors with Stained Concrete and the Many Possibilities 

a beautiful living room with stained concreteIt’s official, stained concrete has become mainstream. Concrete is in. That is, this flooring system used to be thought of as mostly for garages and patios, but in recent years there has been a discovery of concrete, and it has traversed into the realm of the much-desired-Pinterest-inspired-world of designs galore. That’s the thing with concrete, most people imagine concrete as gray and dab. Stained concrete, however, is a different story. There are a plethora of color options available for stained concrete. At the same time, adding a little bit of concrete sealer can make all the difference once your floor is installed.

Integral Concrete Color 

Integral color is a blended oxide pigment that is combined with concrete in a ready-mix. It is called integral because it is mixed directly into the mix. Integral colors can be used for a multitude of different applications from plazas, parking decks and sidewalks, pool decks, and more. This option works really well for heavily trafficked areas. 

Concrete Stains 

This is one of the most popular ways to use decorative concrete. People are often surprised to know how beautiful, easy, and long-lasting these decorative concrete ideas can really be. With concrete stains, a homeowner or commercial business owner can really explore a variety of possibilities. Concrete stains do not simply ‘add color.’ Instead of simply coloring, stains permeate the concrete to infuse with rich and effervescent tones. 

Concrete Dyes

This is yet another option available with decorative concrete. Concrete dyes are used to spice up the color in concrete and expand the color palette. Depending on their application, concrete dyes will have a slightly different look than a concrete stain. Dyes can appear opaque or translucent. If they are applied at full strength, the dyes appear greater depth of color. If they are diluted with water or solvents, they produce paler shades or it appears as a slight splash of color. Dyes can also be mixed to create custom shades and colors that are even more original and unique. 

Common Questions About Stained Concrete 

  1. Why is stained concrete a popular choice?  This type of decorative concrete serves many benefits for property owners. For as little as $2 per square foot (or so), people can use stains and use a wide palette of color, shades, and possibilities. In other words, concrete provides gorgeous decorative effects for a relatively low cost. The cost of concrete stain largely depends on how complex the stain application is. 
  2. What are the color options with stained concrete? The colors that are available to you will greatly depend on whether you are using an acid or water-based stain. You can also mix two stain colors before application to achieve a different shade or apply one color over another. 
  3. Any tips on how to choose the right color? Well, the more options we have the harder the choices, but one rule of thumb is to choose a shade or color that will blend or compliment a color scheme or color that is already present in your property. Stained colors are permanent, so you want to be confident in the color you choose. Many go with neutral tones to keep it simple but some great creative choices have been had with bold and racy colors that have been chosen wisely. 
  4. Are there special effects possible with concrete stain? Thanks to a variety of application techniques, many styles are possible with stained color. You can make your stained concrete floor appear as if it was polished marble, tile, leather, or even natural stone. 
  5. What type of projects is popular with concrete stain? Stain is being used more and more in interior design, as well as exterior. Some of the most desired projects include inside concrete floors, concrete patios, pool decks, office buildings, bathrooms, and more. 
  6. How fade-resistant is a concrete floor? Concrete floors are known to be quite fade resistant. They last a long time. When applied properly and installed correctly, the color will not chip or fade that easily. 
  7. What are the maintenance requirements for a stained concrete floor? We’re glad you asked! In addition to all the other benefits—like longevity, beauty, and originality—concrete floors are easy to maintain. A regular dry dust mopping and occasional wet mopping with a neutral pH cleaner. To prolong the life of the color, you will want to protect it with a strong concrete sealer. This prevents the color from fading after it sustains enough foot traffic and wear and tear. 

Call Concrete Experts For a Job Well Done 

Like everything else in your home, you want to make sure that it is installed by a professional and expert at the task at hand. Stained concrete looks beautiful unless it is installed incorrectly or the color is not properly mixed. Here at FN Decorative Team, we will infuse your floors with concrete stain and sealer. 


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