Give Your Home the Update It Needs in 2019 With Decorative Concrete

Kitchen with concrete worktop

Whether you were short on time, money, or all of the above, if you weren’t able to accomplish your home goals for 2018, not to worry! 2019 is already looking more than promising. Even if you’re still considering the ways in which to update your home or you’re on the fence about making any changes at all, we can help guide you in the right direction.

At FN Decorative Concrete, there’s a reason we emphasize the use of concrete on homes. Concrete is able to give your home a high-end feel without the high-end costs. It’s also versatile so if you’re planning on making other changes to your home, the concrete will blend in beautifully.

We’ve outlined four ways to incorporate concrete into your home’s interior and they’re all low-maintenance!

Accents on Your Showers

If you have a shower and or bathtub, consider using concrete to take them to the next level. Concrete works well in showers and bathrooms overall. You won’t have to worry about the mildew that gathers on the grout either. When you use concrete, you’ll have sealers that are easy to maintain. Add a non-slip material and you’ll be set!

Concrete Countertops

Looking for a way to add a customized touch to your kitchen? Consider incorporating a concrete countertop. They do extremely well in the kitchen because you have the option of using them to place hot items on top, as cutting boards, and as an overall place to prepare food. Additionally, you can create a stain-free countertop by applying a sealer. If you choose this route, you’ll want to avoid applying heat or using knives on it.    

Concrete Flooring

Call us biased but we think there’s nothing more beautiful than concrete flooring. Not only is it attractive but it also makes floors extra durable. You can apply concrete in just about every room and really make a statement. There are two main options to consider here: colored concrete and textured concrete. With colored concrete, you’ll want to select a tone that will match the rest of your home’s overall aesthetic. If you go the textured route, then you can mimic tile, stone, and other surfaces. That’s really the beauty of stamped concrete.  

Around Your Fireplace or as an Accent Wall

Concrete can do wonders to the area around our fireplace. It can make it feel outdoorsy or elegant, all depending on the texture and colors you choose. We recommend using concrete for your the fireplace hearth. If you want to make this area feel homier, create the illusion of brick with stamped concrete. You can also take inspiration from your favorite home magazines and re-create fun and cool patterns. The same can be done for a wall that divides the living room or other parts of your home.

Explore Other Ideas by Visiting FN Decorative Concrete

When you’re ready to get started, come see us here at 11199 Rojas Dr in El Paso, TX. If you have a vision of what you’re looking to accomplish, present it to us and we’ll recommend all of the right materials.

PLEASE NOTE: Our shop will reopen on January 2nd and we look forward to serving you! Have a safe and happy New Year!

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