Four Reasons Why Decorative Concrete Floors Are In

Side view of elevator in concrete floors interior with patterned walls, decorative plant and window with city view and daylight. There is one design component that converts a room like nothing else: floors. The right flooring can transform a room from a dull boring atmosphere to a lavish, modern surface that magnetizes everyone that steps into it. People have only begun to discover the artistic possibilities of concrete. As an El Paso owned decorative concrete floor supplier, we offer a wide variety of options to enhance your home or business. Most people might think of concrete as a gray and boring slab they see on the highway but the true power of concrete can mesmerize!

The Advantages of a Concrete Floor

Traditional floors can be difficult to put in, cost an arm and a leg, and require far more maintenance and care. They are also not very versatile in design. Here are just some of the advantages to concrete floors:

  1. Versatility in Design: With decorative concrete the possibilities are endless. You can choose to do stamped overlays, which allow for virtually any customization from writing to special designs within the surface or to make it look like other natural material.
  2. Low Maintenance:  Concrete floors are usually low maintenance and require only a regular cleaning with neutral cleaners or a routine waxing every couple of months.
  3. Durability: Decorative concrete floors are quite resistant to damage because of their ability to withstand good amounts of pressure and weight.
  4. Long Shelf Life: With a well installed concrete floor you won’t need to replace it after a few years. These kinds of floors can last a long time, even under greatly trafficked areas and heavy use.

The Artistic Possibilities

One of the most sought out reasons for finding a decorative concrete floor supplier near you is the ability to customize your floor to your heart’s content. When people are looking to really make their house or office stand out with elegance and sophistication, a concrete floor opens up a universe of design possibilities and styles. Here are some options we recommend:

  • Acid Stain: This option provides a sheen marble-like flooring with variance across the surface, giving it a washed and natural stone look.
  • Stamped Overlays: Another popular option in decorative concrete floors is the stamped overlays. This is set over already installed concrete and can mimic the look and texture of stone, brick or wood. The final look can produce different aesthetic results from a vintage wood to a rustic feel of brick.
  • Concrete Dyes: People have the mistaken impression that concrete is only one color. Yet, concrete dyes are popular ways to add some rainbow to your floor. Mix and match colors or create one colored theme throughout your house.

Transform Your Home

As your local decorative concrete floor supplier in El Paso, FN Decorative Concrete can walk you through the many different options to transform your house, business, or driveway into a polished and luxurious artistic residence. If you’re tired of the same old flooring options, look to the new trends and find your inspiration!


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