Concrete Stains: Color Ideas Worth Considering

Whether you have a patio floor or an accent wall in your living room, staining these concrete surfaces can give these surfaces a whole new look with the right design. Here at FN Decorative Concrete, we’re all about exploring and trying out new color and pattern options for decorative concrete. The best part about staining concrete is that it can create the look of other materials. Perhaps, you’re wanting to mimic the appearance of brick around your fireplace hearth or you’d like to make your concrete floor look like tile, with the right pattern and color, you can!

We’ve mapped out a couple of ideas worth considering for your residential or commercial space.

Blue Concrete Stain for the Bathroom

blue concrete stain

Blue makes for a great color in bathrooms because it creates a cool and calm space, like that of a day at the beach. Whether you’re staining the wall or floors, a blue concrete stain is ideal for this space because it also makes one think of water hence the day on the beach. For this reason, we suggest using a blue stain for the walls in your shower. Consider creating a wet look for added texture.

Gray for the Gathering Room

grey concrete

If you’re someone who changes the decorations in your gathering room often, then you’ll want the floors and walls in this space to be a neutral color. It’ll make it much easier to match decorations of any color when your floors and walls are white, gray, or soft shades of brown such as nude or beige. We also recommend gray for the gathering room because it’s a color that can be both elegant and casual. So whether you want this space to be the calmest place to relax or a fun and vibrant place to host guests, your concrete floor or walls will serve as the perfect backdrop.    

Forest Green for the Patio

green concrete

Who doesn’t love the sight of green when they’re outdoors? As desert dwellers, it’s the perfect escape from the brown we see day in and out. That’s why we recommend incorporating as much green as possible into your outdoor space. Most traditional patios with concrete are stained in shades of brown, but we’re recommending something that will make your patio truly unique: a forest green stained floor. It’s far from the traditional colors you see in El Paso homes, but we believe you can be a trendsetter with this one.

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