Working with concrete stain allows you to create numerous outcomes depending on the surface and technique used.

Unlike paint, which leaves the surface opaque, staining leaves a rich look that can resemble wood, marble, natural stone, and even leather. With concrete stain, you also have several colors to choose from. Colors range from dark grey to light yellows and includes shades of brown, pale greens, soft purples, and light blues. Ultimately, with the right color and application, you can accomplish gorgeous results.

Deciding Between Eco and Acid

Concrete stains generally come in two categories: eco-stains (water-based acrylics) and acid-based chemical stains. Deciding which to use depends on the result you want. While most stains are a combination of hydrochloric acid, water, and acid-soluble metallic salts, eco and acid leave different levels of pigmentation.

Eco-stains are good for creating a more vibrant result, in comparison to acid stains. Given that the colors of stains are typically earth-toned and subtle, if you want to bring out a color that extends past the traditional tones, you can achieve this with an eco-stain product. Manufacturers of these products have introduced new options of eco-stain colors, including white, dark black, and even metallic tints.

To create a traditional stain, you can never go wrong with an acid-based chemical. Most colors of acid-stain come in timeless tones such as terracotta, sunset red, leather brown, aqua blue, and forest green. While the purpose of any concrete stain is to enhance the surface of the concrete, if you’re wanting a classic look, then acid-stain is the route to go.

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At FN Decorative Concrete, our selection of eco-stains and acid-stains come in a wide variety of colors to help you reach a style of your preference. Even if you’re not a contractor or builder, as your reliable concrete stain supplier, we will help you gain an insight into popular color choices and applications that you can easily use. Our expertise in the concrete field will put you at an advantage to gain a broader understanding of the materials and techniques that professionals use.

A couple of the high-quality brands we carry include:

  • SureCrete – concrete eco-stain stain
  • SureCrete – concrete acid-stain

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