Concrete sealer is useful for safeguarding concrete surfaces that could potentially be damaged by scuffs, stains, contaminants, and other pollutions

No matter the surface, a high-quality sealer will preserve the concrete for years to come and enhance its appearance. At FN Decorative Concrete, we supply a wide variety of sealers for different applications and purposes.

How A Sealer Can Make All the Difference

Even non-professionals can spot the difference of concrete that has a sealer compared to those that do not. One main difference is the exposure of scratches and marks, as well as a more natural looking concrete.

Types of sealers include:

Acrylic: Ideal for easy applications, acrylic sealers can be used on both exterior and interior surfaces because they provide protection against chloride and water

Need Help Deciding What Type of Concrete Sealer to Select? We Have Suggestions Based On Your Needs.

Sealer comes in an array of types to fulfill various needs. Given that some surfaces are utilized and exposed to harsher conditions, there are specific brands of sealers that work to protect the surface more intensely than others. Also, if you’re aiming for a particular finish, the sealer you select can either leave a matte or glossy surface.

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