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Achieving Natural Beauty: The Secrets of Stone Veneer

For centuries people have been dressing up their interior and exteriors with the elegant look of stone. Even early Roman architects understood the great elegance brought on by building with stone or using it as a decorative feature. Any building or structure benefits from the natural beauty of earth’s tones and the wonderful look of […]

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Stone Veneer vs. Brick Veneer: Which Building Accent is for You?

The use of interior and exterior veneers dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians used veneers in the lining of the furniture; they considered veneering as an art. To this day, veneering is still heavily practiced and installed within people’s homes. The art of veneering gives houses the gift of taste […]

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3 Reasons Contractors Should Incorporate Decorative Concrete Into Their Services

Whether you’ve considered learning decorative concrete or you’re looking to enhance your skills as a contractor, adding decorative concrete to your list of services could give you a profitable edge. As suppliers of all things decorative concrete, we know how lucrative this trade can be. We wouldn’t recommend it otherwise! Here’s why you should consider […]

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Ideas to Update Your Home Using Concrete

Thinking of making some updates to your home? Consider how decorative concrete can help make any area of your home appear brand new and give back that charm that may be missing from when you first bought your home. Even if you don’t plan on making any updates until next year, now is the perfect […]

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