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Achieving Natural Beauty: The Secrets of Stone Veneer

For centuries people have been dressing up their interior and exteriors with the elegant look of stone. Even early Roman architects understood the great elegance brought on by building with stone or using it as a decorative feature. Any building or structure benefits from the natural beauty of earth’s tones and the wonderful look of […]

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Stone Veneer vs. Brick Veneer: Which Building Accent is for You?

The use of interior and exterior veneers dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians used veneers in the lining of the furniture; they considered veneering as an art. To this day, veneering is still heavily practiced and installed within people’s homes. The art of veneering gives houses the gift of taste […]

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6 Ways to Incorporate Decorative Concrete Inside Your Home

Concrete is one of the most underappreciated construction materials around. It does everything from providing a smooth surface on public grounds to support the foundations of our homes. We take it for granted given its abundance. However, there’s one aspect of concrete that forces people to marvel at its beauty: decorative concrete. Decorative concrete overlays […]

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Decorative Concrete and Your Patio: Ideas for Renovation

Does your home have a patio? Do you wish you used that patio more often? Most homeowners in El Paso long for doing more with their homes, especially when it comes to the front and backyard. There are endless ideas and concepts out there, which can make things feel overwhelming.  We’re here to simplify your […]

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Give Your Home the Update It Needs in 2019 With Decorative Concrete

Whether you were short on time, money, or all of the above, if you weren’t able to accomplish your home goals for 2018, not to worry! 2019 is already looking more than promising. Even if you’re still considering the ways in which to update your home or you’re on the fence about making any changes […]

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