A Look at the Fire Pit and Four Reasons Why It Can Benefit Your Home

A modern stone fire pit is a great addition to any home. This ancient concept of using man’s greatest discovery can alter the atmosphere of any backyard and make it a warm and welcoming place for friends and family. And while it seems like a simple addition, the fire pit has many benefits. We thought we’d take a look at some of the main reasons to install a fire pit in your home. 


Let’s start with fire. The discovery of fire changed the course of human history forever. Using the power of fire allowed early humans to stay warm, cook meat, and fend off predators. It was truly man’s best friend. At the same time, it provided illumination that allowed for people to continue their necessary labor past dusk. Since those prehistoric times, fire has been with us every step of the way, lighting the path to the present where we stand today. 


#1) Stone Fire Pits Look Gorgeous


A stone fire pit has an exceptional aesthetic appeal that evokes a sense of the classical. There is something inherently classic and primitive at the same time. Fire pits were used for a long time as gathering places where people shared stories and sought relief from harsh weather. Today, you can have a beautifully designed stone or stone veneer fireplace and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in your own backyard. 


#2) A Customizable Ambiance


You have a certain amount of control with your fire pit. You can choose low flames, high flames, thick or thin. Each one sets different moods and fits different occasions. So whether you are having an evening barbecue with the family or a romantic night under the stars, a fire pit will fit the mood. 


#3) Spend Time Outdoors

The best part of a fire pit is the ability it gives you to stay outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Spending time outdoors is known to have health benefits and help people relax and release stress. 


#4) Add Home Value


Adding a well-built custom stone fire pit will not only enhance the beauty of the outdoor space, but it will also increase your home value. Today, homeowners value experience more than anything. And the experience that comes with a fire pit is enough to raise your home’s resale value and increase interest. 


#5 Add Natural Seating


Old flimsy plastic chairs are a thing of the past. Natural seating is another aspect that homeowners love. Adding a sitting wall around your fire pit, it creates an entire seating arrangement and atmosphere that is inviting to everyone. 


Go to the Professionals for Your Stone Fire Pits


Here at FN Decorative Concrete, we have worked on custom fire pits for many years. It never ceases to be a much sought after feature in a home. What we see is that homeowners love the ambiance and the comfort that these simple structures can bring to the simplest of spaces. A little outdoors goes a long way. 



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