6 Ways to Incorporate Decorative Concrete Inside Your Home

decorative concrete

Concrete is one of the most underappreciated construction materials around. It does everything from providing a smooth surface on public grounds to support the foundations of our homes. We take it for granted given its abundance. However, there’s one aspect of concrete that forces people to marvel at its beauty: decorative concrete.

Decorative concrete overlays come in endless variations of shapes and colors. With a talented applicator and the right materials, you can mimic other surfaces such as wood, brick, and stone, then finish them off with a sealer that gives them the desired finishing look.

Take a look at our gallery for some ideas then think about how these areas of your home will look amazing with the addition of decorative concrete:   

1. Floors

You may have seen those gorgeous driveways with decorative concrete. You can achieve that same attractiveness on the floors of your home. Decorative concrete floors make for a great flooring option inside the home. Consider a sunroom with a brightly colored decorative concrete floor resembling an autumn gold tint. Or if the room is mostly filled with neutral colors, consider a soft grey stain with a sealer that gives it that desired wet look. Other areas of the home that look great decorative concrete floor include bathrooms, living areas, offices, and dining rooms.  

2. Accent Wall

Do you have a wall in your home that you’re wanting to decorate but you’re not sure how? When picture frames, pieces of art, and other home decorations don’t seem to fit or look great on that wall, skip attempting to hang things and instead transform it into an accent wall with decorative concrete. Most living areas have a wall that’s perfect for this concept. It would be the wall where your television is mounted. The stain you choose can create a backdrop that adds dimension to the entire room and makes watching your favorite show much more pleasurable.   

3. Stairs

If your home has stairs, consider giving them an updated look. One that takes them to the next level of elegance. By incorporating decorative concrete on your home’s stairs, you can draw the right attention to this area of your home. Just imagine what it would be like walking into a home with a set of sleek stairs that make your home look like one straight out of Architectural Digest. With the right vision and talent, it’s possible.

4. Fireplace Hearths

Fireplace hearts offer incredible opportunities for home decor and design. If you’re a homeowner who enjoys the fireplace for the mere sight of it then why not give an extra touch of elegance with decorative concrete. You can go with a wood-like decorative concrete hearth to make the room feel extra cozy or if your home is all about minimalism then consider a sleek design with some added texture. Hearths are the perfect area for showing off your own style so have fun with it!  

5. Showers and Bathtubs

Gone are the days when bathrooms were the least interesting part of a home. Today, bathrooms are all about incorporating the best design and materials to make this part of your home feel like it’s your own private spa. Think of the spas you’ve ever visited and how serene the walls were. You can achieve a similar tranquil and sophisticated look when you use decorative concrete as the walls of your showers. This is ideal for master showers and bathtubs alike. The design and stain you select can be as simple as a pale brown with a grout-free surface or you can create a bright multi-color wall that looks like a piece of art.

6. Countertops

Whether it’s the countertops of your kitchen or bathroom, decorative concrete makes for a great surface and appearance on these areas. Essentially, you can blend in the decorative concrete with the rest of the room so that the countertops aren’t the focal point of the room. For example, you can mirror the color of your back splash or walls using a similar colored stain and with a clever design technique, you can make the two surfaces resemble one another or at least blend in beautifully.    

Make Your Vision Come to Life With Supplies

Incorporating decorative concrete inside your home will instantly add an unmistakable shine to the room that you and guests will appreciate for years to come. With endless opportunities to transform any area of your home, decorative concrete is one of the most versatile methods of creating a truly unique home. Come to us with your ideas, and we’ll point you in the right direction!   

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