3 Ways to Update Your Floors With Decorative Concrete

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If your home’s floors are the same ones that came with it when you bought it years ago, then you could possibly be living with retro or vintage floors. The look of these floors is attractive to some and hideous to others. No matter which end of the spectrum you fall on, exploring decorative concrete designs allows you to open your mind to the possibility of updating your floors. As many El Paso homeowners have done in recent years, updating your home’s floors can create an entirely new look and feel. This can be a huge advantage especially if you recently updated your home’s appliances or cabinets. Contemporary decorative concrete can transform any room into a fresh new home. The possibilities are endless but we have three suggestions for achieving an optimal look with decorative concrete. And the best part of it all is that as a decorative concrete floors supplier, we have all the supplies you’ll need!

Acid-based Chemical Stains

The beauty of concrete stains is that they can create the illusion of other materials such as marble or stone in different color variations. Acid-based chemical stains react with the concrete floor to create your desired effect. The stain’s colors will create dimension on the floor so it doesn’t look stiff or bring. In fact, it does quite the contrary. You can achieve an entirely unique look, depending on how the chemical is applied and polished. Staining is ideal for large rooms such as living rooms and kitchens. In addition to the visual benefits, stained concrete resists moisture, bacteria, and the formation of mold. Floors with stained concrete easily add value to your home.

Water-based Acrylic Stains

Similar to acid-based chemical stains, water-based acrylic stains create durability and fade-resistance in floors. The difference is that with water-based acrylic stains you’ll achieve a smoother, more consistent look. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a tone that will be carried throughout the entire room. Typically this means subtle neutral tones such as tan, white, olive, pewter, or black. Keep in mind that light colors will make an area appear larger so if you’re aiming to open the room, consider going for white or light brown. You can always add touches of color with carpets. The benefits of water-based acrylic stains are that they require minimal maintenance and instantly liven-up a once bleak room.       

Stone Molds

To stimulate the appearance of real stone you should opt for stone molds. Stone molds create a natural-looking floor and create a beautiful finish for indoor and outdoor floors. Since stone molds are applied directly over the concrete slab, the application is a much more swift and time-saving process. The stamps are designed from real stone molds allowing you to mimic everything from cobblestone to brick, flagstone, and much more! The benefit of these floors is that they require very little maintenance and can be cleaned with a dust mop or a wet mop.  

FN Decorative Concrete is Your Decorative Concrete Floors Supplier in El Paso

At FN Decorative Concrete in El Paso, we carry the best and most affordable decorative concrete supplies. We enjoy giving our customers recommendations based on the work we’ve seen over the years and helping those who aren’t sure what to do with their floors get inspired. Come visit our shop today!

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