Elastomeric Roof Coating in El Paso, TX

Elastomeric Roof Coating in El Paso, TX

Learn what elastomeric roof coating can do for your home

Do you want to stop roof leaks and save money on your energy bills in the process? Turn to FN Decorative Concrete for a high-performance protective roof coating. We sell our high-quality roof coating products in the El Paso, Texas area.

Our durable elastomeric roof coatings can extend the life of many common roofing surfaces, and flat roofs specifically. If you want to avoid tearing off your roof in a couple of years, look into elastomeric roof coatings from FN Decorative Concrete.

Weather the storm with an effective roof coating

Elastomeric roof coatings are applied like paint. Grab the right equipment and apply the coating delicately. Many homeowners are discovering that a roof coating is a simple and effective way to protect their roof. They continue to come to FN Decorative Concrete because we have roof coating products that:

Prevent dirt and dust buildup
Keep your roof reflective and bright
Protect your roof from moisture

If you’re searching for a local supplier for roof coatings in El Paso, Texas, reach out to FN Decorative Concrete today. Don’t forgot to look into our other products and services to see how you can transform and protect your home inside and out.

CEMIX Impercool Fibratado

Complete protection from the four elements.

Acrylic thermo-reflective elastomeric sealant; formulated with high quality resins and integrated polypropylene fibers that improve its performance while avoiding the use of polyester mesh.

Approximate coverage: 204.5 sq ft per 5 gallon bucket.

Packaging: 5 gallon bucket. White

Ecologic Impercool

Save your house from rain and the planet from pollution.
Ecological Impercool is a waterproofing elastomeric-acrylic product, formulated with high quality resins derived from recycled tires. Ecological Impercool adheres perfectly to most common surfaces and provides a 5-year lifespan to protect buildings against destructive pollution agents present in the environment. Due to its formulation, the product does not require a reinforcing mesh, plastic cement or primer, thus saving time and money.

Approximate coverage: 205 sq ft per 5 gallon bucket.

Packaging: 5 gallon pail, green color

CEMIX Impercool Cemento Plastico

Fills large cracks.

Spackling paste formulated with high-quality polymeric resins. Highly adhesive to most construction materials and surfaces.

Approximate coverage: depends on use.

Packaging: 5 gallon bucket and 1 gallon container. White.

CEMIX Impercool Sellador Acrilico

Improves Impercool's performance.

Semi-viscose, blue liquid formulated with an acrylic-polymeric resin base and high-quality pigments. Used as a stimulator for sealant adhesiveness.

Approximate Coverage: 753 sq ft per 5 gallon bucket.

Packaging: 5 gallon bucket.